30+ Things You Won't Ever Want Happening To You

Have you ever felt like you've got the worst luck in the world? Do your friends often tell you that the stuff that happens to you is so awkward and so weird they're scared it may be contagious? Even if they're trying to joke with you and they're probably just doing it to mess with your head a little, being regarded as a bad omen can't be very nice. Maybe you should show them the things these people have seen themselves involved in — you'll see, compared to them, whatever problems you usually get into won't seem that bad. Once you've reached the end of the page, you will all be wishing any of this ever happens to you.

Time To Change


Car problems are already bad (and expensive) enough. But imagine ending up looking like this. Let's hope this guy kept a change of clothes in the trunk.


Green Everywhere


First off, we would love to know what they were doing and why it all looks… so green. Has this ever happened to you while you were attempting to make some smoothies to share with your friends?


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