40+ Pictures Of People Having The Worst Day Of Their Lives

We all know what to do when we're having a terrible day. Yes, that's right: nothing memes a broken heart like going on the internet to find photos that prove there are people out there having a worse day than you. We promise you it never fails. And we're not laughing at them; we're laughing with them. After all, us people with worse than bad luck should stick together and make each other smile through the hard times.

Sit back and enjoy a couple or epic fails. You can figure out how to deal with your own problems after this short break.

That Must Have Hurt


How did that end up there? And why is this person calmly taking a picture of their arm instead of freaking out like any normal human being would? Are they aware of what's literally coming out of their body?


Fancy New Car


Remember when you were young, and all you cared about was saving money to buy that fancy car? Imagine if something like this happened to you the day after picking it up from the dealer's.


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