Funny Pictures To Forget Your Problems

Need a distraction today? The reasons behind your needs could be too many to name. Maybe you got into an argument with your significant other. Perhaps you're stressed about that report due tomorrow. Or you're procrastinating instead of studying for those finals (if that's the case, stop reading this and go open up a text book right now!) Whatever your reasons, we get you: you need to think of something else for a while and laugh a little. And we have just the thing for you.

Baby It's Cold Outside

But this guy doesn't seem to mind. What do you like best? Hot weather? Cold weather. We'd take our chances with a brutal winter before facing another scalding summer like this one!


And How Do I Get In?

We can't understand how we are supposed to get into that car. Which way is facing? Why are rear view mirrors opposite the doors? Who designed this monstrosity?


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