People Having The Worst Ideas At The Gym

Doing exercise is good for both your physical and mental health, especially nowadays that most of us spend so much time sitting in front of a screen — whether it'd be working or watching our favorite TV show. The problem is people take their phones to the gym. Phones have cameras. Cameras can forever capture epic fails. And that's how you end up on the internet where everyone can see you failing big time at the gym. It has happened to us all.

Sit back, relax and enjoy some laughters!

I Came In Like A Pilates Ball

We know those are really comfortable (we love sitting on those at home to watch TV) but what is she supposed to be doing that for at the gym? Maybe she was just tired.


Who's The Tallest Of Them All?

Being above average height is not always fun. Yes, you never miss out on anything when you go to concerts, but then you have to deal with this stuff when you go to the gym.


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