40+ People With Worst Luck Than You (And That's Saying A Lot)

You think things are going bad for you? Wait until you see how things went for some of these people. Not only did they have worse days than the one you're going through (probably), but they also had such bad luck someone was there to take a picture. And then they posted it on the Internet and, as it happens with funny epic fails, it went viral. So here we are! We hope this article makes you laugh so hard you forget all of your problems.

The Fallen


This is why we don't go to the gym. This is actually why we don't do any exercise whatsoever. This wouldn't have happened if he had been watching TV.


You Jump, I Jump


If you ever tried to take one of these pictures with your friends, then you know the awful truth: they never turn out all right. In fact, they're always awful. And your cellphone will be gone forever.


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