The Weirdest Things People Have Done In Public

Next time you feel the urge to scratch an itch in public, next time you decide to leave the house without combing your hair first, next time you put on whatever clothes you've had lying around for this because you're in a hurry… remember that you live in an era where everything can be easily documented. Anyone with a phone can snap a picture and post it on the Internet if they see something weird, funny or ridiculous.

Don't believe us? Look at these pictures, then! They'll sure change your mind.

All The King's Horses

Running a marathon or doing a triathlon is already strenuous enough, why make things even more uncomfortable for your body by wearing that hideous horse mask?


Nice Hair

Hey, to each his or her own. Who are we to judge a person's hairstyle? Let's just hope they don't feel like going to the movies or the theatre today.


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