You Won't Believe The Things That Can Be Seen In These Shadows

A shadow is a dark area that comes to be because an opaque object blocks the light emanating from a light source. All things have shadows. Look around yourself and pay attention: we sometimes overlook these details because we're used to them being there, don't we? But how many shadows have you spotted in under a minute now that you took the time to really observe?

It's amazing how nature works, what the presence or absence of light can do. Sometimes it tricks the eye to the point of making it believe it's seeing things that are not really there. The result can be as terrifying as it can be beautiful.

Here we have 30+ pictures of living creatures and objects… and their funny-shaped shadows. Take a five-minute break and enjoy!

An Unicorn

Baby giraffes are like the cutest thing ever. But a baby giraffe whose shadow looks exactly like a tiny unicorn? It gets no cuter than that.


Under Attack

If you pay attention to the shadows, you will see it almost looks as if a big, dangerous predator was about to attack the people at the foot of the mountain. Hikers beware!


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