TOP 10 People with Extra Body Parts

10. Deepak Paswan Deepak Paswan, a boy from India, was leading a childhood that was not at all easy. He was born along with the legs and arms of his underdeveloped twin that was growing out of his chest. Many children would bully him, and Hindu pilgrims would visit his place to worship him, believing him to … Read more

Top 10 Women You Won’t Believe Are Real

Most of us want ourselves to be the center of attention anywhere we go. But few people on this planet take it to one step further, and become personalities you can’t ignore no matter how hard you try. We have conducted a list 10 Women popular on the internet for their unique physical features. The … Read more

34 Unbelievable Photos of the ‘Human Barbie’

Before surgeries Let us start at the beginning. Here we see Valeria before she did anything to herself, in terms of cosmetic surgery as well as hair and makeup. She is very talented with her makeup technique, transforming herself to look like the living form of Mattel’s Barbie doll. Her story goes from common to … Read more

20 Photos Of Luxury Cars Rotting Away On Dubai’s Roadsides

Thousands of Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Bentley’s and Maybach’s left to be forgotten in the dust. Some people prize their pets, some their private yachts, and others their super expensive luxury vehicle. In Dubai, a city known for the over the top lifestyles, it seems people really do follow the saying “if you love it let it … Read more

20 funny party photos that you absolutely have to see

In this world there is actually tons of image material that your employer shouldn’t get to see. Thanks to modern smartphones, Facebook, Instagram and Co., it can be almost anyone today. The following 20 pictures from wild parties are not to be missed! 1. To cook full This lady would have done better without her fourth cocktail. Obviously, … Read more

How to Steam Clean Your Oven

Clean your dirty oven, the safe way! Steam for Everyday Spills The advantages of traditional oven cleaners are power and speed. But for many of us, the disadvantages outweigh the good, specifically, the corrosive chemicals and caustic fumes that this type of oven cleaning can produce. Well, how do you clean an oven then? A … Read more

10+ Hilarious Wrong Number Texts

Texting the wrong number is not the end of the world and can happen to most of us. However, usually, the conversation is brief and explaining that is a misunderstanding, but in these cases, they were just to unexpectedly funny to block and move on. POOR JACK You can’t expect to say something like this … Read more

Epic Passive-Aggressive Notes.

People tend to relax when they are angry by writing down a few things on paper. Maybe the receptor of the message made a mistake and didn’t realize it or maybe it was conscious of the harm he or she was provoking. For that reason, the Internet is loaded with several notes that aren’t heavy … Read more