27 Pictures that Perfectionists simply cannot stand

Being obsessed is a serious thing. It’s not something you should make fun of, and people with OCD suffers a lot. Is not fun to say that you are „obsessive“ because you can’t see a tilted painting, because you are not taking seriously a disease.But everyone has little obsessions. And these pictures will show you … Read more

18 Embarrassing Summer Fails

Who doesn’t love a long, hot summer? Hanging out with friends on the beach, eating ice cream cones, playing outdoors. Summer can be an awesome time of the year if you know how to make the best of it. But nothing is perfect, and sometimes things go so wrong they end up posted on the … Read more

30+ Things You Won’t Believe People Have Done On Their Flights

Flying. Some hate it so much they need to get prescription meds involved in order to successfully sit through a flight. Some love it and cannot think of a better means of transportation. Some don’t mind enough about it to give it a second thought: it’s just something you need to do if you want … Read more

10+ acts of incredible vandalism that you will love

Vandalism is a crime. A very fun crime when it’s done the right way. There are several types of vandals. Some of them are just jackasses, but some of them are real artists, that uses comedy to make a point or just to make you happy. You will love these 50 acts of incredibly fun … Read more

22 Foods That Don’t Belong in the Fridge

Eating a healthy diet is very important when it comes to staying fit and healthy in the long run. Of course, this also includes the storage of food, which can break very quickly if stored incorrectly. Honey stays fresh on its own If you prefer to enjoy your honey in liquid form, you should not store … Read more

Ridiculously Hilarious Tattoo Fails That People Have Serious Regerts About

Everyone is getting tattoos nowadays. They are not taboo anymore. Even older people are getting inked. Usually, when someone gets a tattoo, they want to remember something. And seeing as tattoos are a lifelong commitment, one would think that the customers would have not only double-checked their designs but triple-checked them. No one wants to … Read more

People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Badass Viking Tattoos (20 Pics)

With tattoos becoming more and more common, it can be pretty hard to stay unique. That’s why people are starting to look for inspiration in all sorts of unusual places – like historic cultures, for example. And let’s face it – there’s hardly any historic culture more badass than the Vikings. #1 Image source: sacred_knot_tattoo

Funny Times The Background Of Photos Was Better Than The Foreground

Sometimes a friend photobombs your pic and you hate it. In this post, some strangers and creepy things appear in pictures where they shouldn’t and the people taking them didn’t even notice. This list shows the best “when you see it” pictures, some of them are funny and others are deeply terrifying. The next time … Read more