10+ acts of incredible vandalism that you will love

Vandalism is a crime. A very fun crime when it’s done the right way. There are several types of vandals. Some of them are just jackasses, but some of them are real artists, that uses comedy to make a point or just to make you happy. You will love these 50 acts of incredibly fun vandalism and you will have your eyes wide open and looking for some art on the streets and roads of your city. I hope this article inspire you but please take care because though is a fun crime, it is still a crime. Have fun! Vandalism is a crime, but when it is funny… it is very funny.



Marketing genius. There is nothing better than a good graffiti to promote your graffiti removal services. And there’s nothing better than a good old vandalism to lower this month’s income.



Who are you to call us stubborn? You are just a red sign in the middle of nowhere. Nevermind, you better listen to this sign, you don’t want to die from stubbornness. Or maybe you do.

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