20 Photos Of Luxury Cars Rotting Away On Dubai’s Roadsides

Thousands of Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Bentley’s and Maybach’s left to be forgotten in the dust.

Some people prize their pets, some their private yachts, and others their super expensive luxury vehicle. In Dubai, a city known for the over the top lifestyles, it seems people really do follow the saying “if you love it let it go”. This must have been applied to the thousands of Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, Bentley’s and Maybach’s left to be forgotten in the dust.

According to the newspaper GulfNews, at least 2000-3000 luxury vehicles are abandoned in Dubai’s deserts, airports, and even on the side of random streets every year. There’s actually a very good reason why this seemingly insane phenomenon is taking place out in the glitzy United Arab Emirates.

For some years now Dubai, the richest city in the United Arab Emirate has been dealing with financial disparity due to fluctuations in the market. On top of all that is Dubai’s strict Sharia Law, which outlines someone may be sent to jail for defaulting on any type of payment. Not paying your bills is pretty intense in Dubai as it’s even considered a criminal offence. For many people who bought cars they could not afford, fleeing the country and leaving their dream car behind was their only alternative to not paying their bills and loans.

You may wonder what happens to all the discarded luxury vehicles in Dubai and there’s a pretty exciting outcome to all of this. After being impounded by city officials, auctions are held annually where you can pick up your dream Rolls Royce or Mercedes-for a discounted price of course. Please just make sure you have the funds to finance your next BMW because it would be tragic for any other luxury supercar to be deserted.

20) Mercilessly Left Mercedes CLS 63 AMG

via Pinterest2.

Left to the dust is the classy CLS 63 AMG designed and produced by the beloved German Mercedes Benz. Many of the luxury cars abandoned in Dubai still have the keys in the ignition, much like this AMG.