Celebrities Being The Worst Parents Ever


Being a parent is not easy and raising a kid under the spotlight can make it even more difficult. The press and the strangers from the internet can judge the way celebrities raised their children. But sometimes these critics came from a genuine place and even the law has to interfere to help those kids. Many famous personalities hide dark secrets in their homes when it comes to taking care of a child. From small anecdotes to disturbing testimonies, take a look at the worst parenting stories that Hollywood has to offer, and take your own conclusions.

Kim Kardashian


The reality star was very criticized when photographers captured the moment she didn’t pay attention to her little daughter and continue looking at her phone while the girl fell over. Her sister had to take care of the situation and helped the poor kid. 

Michael Jackson


When Michael Jackson became a father the press was desperate for a picture of the baby. So the pop king decided to take his kid out of the balcony with a towel on his head. The risky situation horrified the press and the whole world.