Horrible Gifts To Buy If You Are Your Enemie´s Secret Santa

It is that time of the year when everyone starts making Secret Santa a big deal. It is an annoying game. You never get what you want (or even something useful) and you always spend years looking for something to buy. And it gets even worse when you pick one piece of paper and the name that is in it is your enemy’s name. It is not good to have enemies, but if you want to buy him or her the worst gift ever, we gathered all of them here, in this list of sh*tty gifts that you can actually buy online.



This one is not THAT bad. I would smile and even if you give me this, and probably use it. It would make a great conversation topic with the guests.



One lady bug is adorable. Two lady bugs can be great. But what about 1,500 lady bugs? Do they have warranty in case they are not all alive? How do they ship it?