Rare Photos Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things

We live in a wondrous world filled with marvels all around us, but sometimes we forget. Getting caught up in our daily lives most people barely stop to smell the roses, much less open the roses to look inside. Well, it turns out that there are beautiful secrets hidden underneath and inside things you would … Read more

69 Flexible Ladies Showing Off Their ‘YOGA’ Skills

The practice of yoga has several benefits at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. On a physical level, it can build muscle strength, improve balance and flexibility, and help with weight loss. It can improve joint health and help with back pain. Yoga also improves posture and alignment, which can help prevent many other types … Read more

100 Photos Taken Exactly At The Moment of Disaster

No Pain, no gain, as a wise expression once noted. We wish there were pictures of the aftermath to see if people would be alright and walked away with not much more than just a few scratches, although we know that in most of these pictures it just wasn’t the case. They sure gave the … Read more

Most Epic Fail Moments

Stairs The most important thing in any structure is safety and then you can think of decoration: in this case, the unfortunate pattern in the carpet on the stairs makes this a death trap. upsocl Hospital cookies Hospitals often try to keep the spirits up by doing special things on different holidays and celebrations: unfortunately, … Read more

Hilarious Things Women Actually Spend Money On

Well, it is not a secret that Women love Shopping, probably more than doing anything else. It could be anything they shop for, but their favorite items are the Makeup items. Some studies say that a woman approximately spends about $15000 on makeup alone in her lifetime. But the problem starts when a woman starts … Read more

Wedding Dresses That Should Never Have Been Worn.

It takes a lot of time and money to organize a wedding, and there’s a lot of people involved. Especially when it comes to pick the right dress, you have the person who makes the fabric, the person that buys it, the one that designs the dress and the bride that chooses it, along with … Read more

Powerful Photos That Will Change The Way You See The World.

Some pictures are so strongly expressive that their story stays alive for years and does not fade. I hit upon this phenomenon recently while I was looking through some historic photographs from the last decades. I couldn’t help collecting a few of them for you, so please take a look yourself: Kyle Hockenberry: The Man … Read more

Photos that prove stupidity is the most dangerous thing on earth

Stupid people are everywhere. You surely know a stupid person, I definitely know a stupid person and I even think I might be one myself, though I’m also aware that being stupid also means not knowing that you are stupid. Being a member of that big group of people is dangerous to yourself and to … Read more

30+ Things You Won’t Believe People Have Done On Their Flights

Flying. Some hate it so much they need to get prescription meds involved in order to successfully sit through a flight. Some love it and cannot think of a better means of transportation. Some don’t mind enough about it to give it a second thought: it’s just something you need to do if you want … Read more

Baywatch Turned 30 And This Is How They Look Now

Premiered in 1989 and lasting over a decade, Baywatch was one of the most iconic TV shows ever. But there’s a curse that haunts the actors that play iconic roles in iconic TV Shows: they usually disappear. This is not every show’s case but it is definitely this one’s. The funny detail is that Baywatch … Read more