People Had The Worst Day And Just Had To Share

There are times when you wake up in the morning and just know that today won’t be your day. You forgot to plug in your phone, overslept, missed the bus, and got written up for coming to work late. Could it possibly get any worse? Yes. Yes it can.

And there are people out there whose ridiculously unfortunate days will make your rough morning seem a whole lot less terrible.

People who experienced their worst days are sharing pictures of their misfortunes online, and as sympathetic as you might feel, you’ll have to agree that they’re actually pretty funny. From eyelids caught in zippers to having a bucket of paint fall on their heads, check out the times people had the worst day in the gallery below!

#1 Mother-In-Law Just Served Me This Piece Of Cake

Image source: SaltyDogBiscuit

#2 So This Just Happened. I Was Pulling A Jacket Over My Head And The Zipper Got Caught On My Eyelid. There’s One Person That It Could Happen To… Yes, It Hurt Really Bad

Image source: HolySleetBalls