People That Live In The Future While We Are Caught In This Present Time.


One may think that we are already living in the future. I mean, Siri and Alexa can do tons of stuff for us, there’s wi-fi, bluetooth, extra-thin cellphones, virtual reality and I could go on for years. But the future is not here yet. I bet that makes you a little bit anxious. It makes me anxious too. But there are people in this world that found the way of living in the present and in the future, by creating devices or using the ones we already have in a cool new way. We gathered a few photos of people that are already living in the future. Take a look.

Burrito Warmer

I’m pretty sure you screamed when you saw this picture. This is genius. Below genius. Someone should start selling thermos as Burrito Warmers. Maybe I should. Nah, not in the mood right now.

Giant Eraser

Why spend a whole minute erasing a board when you can use the mop to do it? This professor is the perfect combination of laziness and an incredible intelligence.