Ridiculously Hilarious Tattoo Fails That People Have Serious Regerts About


Everyone is getting tattoos nowadays. They are not taboo anymore. Even older people are getting inked. Usually, when someone gets a tattoo, they want to remember something. And seeing as tattoos are a lifelong commitment, one would think that the customers would have not only double-checked their designs but triple-checked them.

No one wants to be walking on the street and know that people are laughing at you because your tattoo is stupid or wrong. However, there are some people who didn’t bother to do their homework before getting a tattoo. So, here are 50 of the funniest tattoo fails.



Maybe this guy is a perpetual quitter. If that is the case, then this tattoo is perfect for him. If, not, however, well… He will have to give up on having a tattoo that makes sense.