The Most Epic and Hilarious Clothing Fails of all Times

Clothes can mean a lot to people or be the most basic and useful thing. While some people wear the same clothes for years until they don’t fit anymore, for most of us fashion is a great way to show the world who we are and how we feel.

Fashion statements are important for a lot of us and having nice clothes that compliment our bodies and show what we like are important, but sometimes clothes and luck are not on our side and some amazing fails happen.

We really hope that all these people had the receipt and have a good return policy on their sides.

Will Ferrell


Many of us enjoyed the movie Elf but I’m not sure how many people loved it enough to buy a shirt. This guy did and the way it looks as if Will Ferrell was trying to get out of his cardigan, is a fail.



There was so much space to print a flower on that skirt that the only possible explanation for this design is that someone was seriously trolling customers. No other explanation.