Unlucky People Having The Worst Day


If you think you are having a bad day, week or month, think again, because with this photos of people failing you might not feel that bad about your life. Schadenfreude is a German word for those times you feel pleasure when something bad is happening to someone else. So your trivial headache will probably look like nothing next to what these people are going through.

From weddings about to be ruined to ridiculous falls, to people who are about to get hit bad or set themselves on fire, these 50 hilarious photos of people having their worst time ever will make you feel so much better. So, get pleasure in the misfortune of others and…you are welcome!

This bride


This bride will never forget her wedding day, but for all the wrong reasons. Not only did she fall from that cliff she was taking the photo in, but she took the most unflattering photo ever.

This guy covered in cactus


If you think you are bad at handling outdoors life and nature, just look at this guy. He somehow ended up covered in cactus and everyone is looking at him like he is the stupidest dude on the planet